Monday, October 13, 2008

Just When You Think Things Could Not Possibly Get Worse

Second verse
Same as the first
Could get better
But it's gonna get worse...
This morning, I scheduled an appointment with the oncologist recommended to me by the radiation oncologist I saw last Thursday. Appointment is set for Friday at 3:30 PM. A few minutes ago, I got a call from the oncologist's office saying they could not see me - my primary medical insurance coverage ended on September 30 (not true) and my secondary insurance covers me but only in Marin County (again, not true). And today is Columbus Day, a day celebrated only by bureaucrats for an extra Monday off and some Italian Americans who are proud of the fact that Christopher Columbus and his boatloads of Spanish sailors brought VD to the Caribbean, so I can just suffer along here until I can straighten out this mess tomorrow. Do I sound pissed off? Believe me, I am. This new development just made me vomit blood for twenty minutes and it took all I could do to force myself to calm down. Thank GOD for those Otter Pops (Otter Pops, the new Martini, who knew?)


DebGrabien said...

See you around ten tomorrow morning.

We are going to open a BIG DAMNED GIANT CAN OF WHUP-ASS on these stupid pitiful lame f--ks. If need be, I really will bring my crossbow.

And it will be fixed.

Anonymous said...


Contact the local P & A office, (Protection & Advocacy)

They have attorneys trained in these issues to help. I'll call you later. And thanks to deb and bethy, for being there to help our mizshely! love, tricia